Start Your Business

Starting a new business is a daunting task. There is much to know to do it right.  Then add the technology required to put it online, and it can be quite overwhelming.  Especially, if the Aspiring Entrepreneur is technically challenged, not having a clue where to start when building a website, selecting the right niche, products, hosting company, and design platform.

STC’s staff have been there and experienced that too. This website is designed to serve small business owners, from beginning to expert levels. Most of our content will appeal to all three categories. Most of the software and other business resources here focus toward the beginner, and intermediate level small business operator.

Great emphasis is on business automation, reducing the time required to set up a new business and handle the day-to-day operations.  We strive to make everything on this site as user-friendly, and honest as possible.

This means we make suggestions on what we believe are the best business resources, and we fully disclose when we have a vested interest in our recommendations, so you have the option of researching other products if desired.

We acknowledge that individuals have different business talents and goals.  We have developed three (3) specific business models to meet your needs. You may elect to utilize one of these business models ion starting your new business, or a combination of them. But these models should provide the majority of Aspiring Entrepreneurs (French word meaning “a business person taking calculated risks to achieve their goals”). 

The THREE (3) business models we provide are:

    1. Quick-Start – Designed for those that desire to start making money as soon as possible, and willing to farm out (Outsource) most of the work to service providers. And they may not have an interest in getting technical, but satisfied having others build their websites, and provide existing products to sell. Their products are obtained from 3rd party sources, and they only serve as online marketers through Affiliate Programs.
    2. Intermediate Program – A comprehensive model for individuals willing to spend the required time to learn, and administer a detailed Long Term system. These individuals are eager to take courses (We’ll suggest or provide many), to learn how to build their websites, and become proficient at online marketing. They may serve as Affiliates offering products supplied by others, create their products, or a combination of both. There is little difference between this program, and the Advanced System, except the comprehensive SBI system, isn’t utilized here.
    3. Advanced System – A comprehensive model for individuals willing to spend the required time to learn, and administer a detailed Long Term system, utilizing a COMPLETE course on website design and construction. AND the most comprehensive course available on developing, creating, and operating a professional ongoing website business through the SBI (Solo Build It) system. The learning curve will take weeks or even months, but in time, this business owner will have built an advanced website,  and learned how to create their eCommerce websites, and become expert at online marketing. SBI is the best program available for those wanting to do things right and gaining a professional program. Their system is taught in some colleges too.

Below we will provide more detailed specifics about each program. Complete the brief form below, and we will email you a link to access three (3) Special Reports, a very detailed outline of each of the Business Models. You can access the one you want, or all three.

Program 1- Fast-Start

Minimum Startup Requirements:

  • Startup time requirements – From 3 to 7 days

Starting Setup Budget: From $   to $  

  • Website Hosting Account  Cost From $9 mo. to $15 mo. –  (We use HostGator – CLICK HERE for details)
  • Website Designer, Builder, and Webmaster (Maintains your site)

We have created a few home business startup scenarios here depending on your needs. If you are in a hurry, are not too technically oriented,  you may elect to use Program 1 -Fast-Start System.  It focuses on a simple system needed by individuals that want to make income as fast as possible through Affiliate Programs, or those that already have a product or service they want to get to market quickly.*

  • (All pricing is for example purposes only and will vary + or -)

This system requires minimal knowledge, and effort to get your business online. If you have minimal website skills, we suggest outsourcing your website design and build, to a Low-Cost service provider on Fiverr. You can likely get your primary website made for $100 to $200, and then just pay by the page as you grow, or over time learn to add your pages.

You will require your own Website Hosting Account, and a Service Provider to build (and possibly maintain) your website. When starting out, you will need an inexpensive SHARED HOSTING ACCOUNT. Later, if you have large numbers of visitors to your site (Many thousand), you may wish to upgrade your Hosting Account to a DEDICATED SERVER.