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STC (Stanford Trade Center)  is positioned as a One-Stop-Resource Center for small home business owners, novice online marketers, and Aspiring Entrepreneurs.  We offer many income opportunities, many of our own creation, and others are Affiliate Programs we recommend (Yes we do receive Affiliate Commissions if you buy something or sign up as an Affiliate making sales).

Isn’t that why you are HERE to learn the BEST programs to offer, and “HOW TO MAKE AFFILIATE INCOME?”

Our main office is located in Nashville, Tennessee, but our Affiliates are worldwide.  We offer you many FREE and LOW-COST QUALITY business resources, and training, targeted at positioning YOU to be highly effective at starting and operating your own home business.

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YOU CAN DO IT, but you must “pay the price” in time worked and exercising patience. It will probably take you a month or two to just get started, before actually earning income. Then you will build your company on an ongoing daily basis until “you know the ropes,” and start seeing a return on your investment of effort. patience is a virtue in running your own business.

Bob “MAVERICK” Stanford
The “MAVERICK” Entrepreneur
STC Chairman, CEO

Bob “MAVERICK” Stanford, known in the business world simply as Maverick, “The “Maverick” Entrepreneur,”™  has served for decades as a Corporate Troubleshooter, published author, business course writer, Senior Business Consultant, and Contract Corporate General Manager.

Today, in this 21st Century, Maverick is President, CEO of Stanford Trade Center (STC)  –  STC exclusively serves the Small Home Business Niche, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, focusing on the ranks of low-income, ex-offenders/felons, under educated (NO HS Diploma), Frustrated Entrepreneurs, and first-time business owners. He mad this switch from serving Corporate America, to serving the small home business person around the year 2010. 

He has served as Executive Director for a National Cable TV Programmers association, consulting to Indie cable and Web TV Producers, was Director of the “Indie Club Jacksonville Film Group” for a number of years), offering training in air time acquisition methods for acquiring low-cost TV airtime for pennies on the dollar, and low cost video production.

Maverick believes individuals should all have equal opportunity for a better life and financial future, regardless of their past, current economic situation, or minimal educational level. 

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Books by Bob “MAVERICK” Stanford: