Do you have a business question that you seek an answer to? Or would you like a software, or book recommendation? Maverick, a business consultant for about 50 years, will assist you in finding those answers.

You will receive an email with your answer. All questions are subject to insertion into our FAQ page, in order to help provide a resource center for other aspiring entrepreneurs, and small business person.

Only you first name will be published with the question.

Kind regards,
Bob “MAVERICK” Stanford
“The Maverick Entrepreneur”

Message to Volunteer Consultants

STC is developing a group of small business volunteer experts from the ranks of Business Consultants, Attorneys, CPA’s, Bookkeepers, Website Builders, SEO Experts, Corporation Formation Specialists, Writers, FIVERR Consultants, Website Video Developers, and Etc. If you are interested in being listed on our Business Services Page and offer an AFFILIATE Program, we would be interested. CLICK HERE to contact us.