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STC Endorses, and Offers the Highest Paying LONG-TERM (LIFETIME COOKIES) Affiliate Programs


Would you like to make good income from your home business working as a Stanford Trade Center (STC) Affiliate?  Better yet, there is No start-up cost to be come our affiliate. It’s FREE.  No monthly membership fees, quotas, or special requirements. Just complete the form below, and we will provide you the Private Affiliate’s Support Link. MOST Affiliate programs INTENIONALLY CHEAT (In OUR Opinion) Affiliates out of commissions. We’ll explain below

BENEFITS of Joining Our FREE STC Affiliate Programs

  • STC Product Discounts
  • Affiliate Support BLOG.
  • Affiliate Support Forum.
  • FREE Affiliate Training and Support.
  • No cost to join an Affiliate program.
  • MANY FREE small business resources.
  • “Ask Maverick,” online Affiliate Email Support.
  • Regular NEW AFFILIATE product/service offerings.
  • Offer quality High-Demand products ready to sell.
  • Automate reliable COOKIE Tracking to ASSURE Affiliate GET PAID.
  • No need to create your own products (You still have the option to do so).
  • FREE Weekly “Maverick Entrepreneur Insider’s Hot Sheet” Subscription.
  • Affiliate programs offering LIFETIME (Some 90 day – Explained below) COOKIES.
  • FREE Ready made FREE sales tools, like banners, email ads, videos, and etc. (Provided by most companies – STC will assist you when the company doesn’t offer sales tools).
  • Affiliate CHAT Support directly from our website during business hours. Help with marketing, locating the BEST Service Providers, and the right Affiliate program selections for their specific needs.


STC offers a few specific Affiliate programs. When you sign up, you qualify for all. But some are sub-Affiliate categories, meaning we are an Affiliate of a Partner, and you are becoming our sub-Affiliate in these cases. You can pick and choose which programs you desire to represent. Some require the Affiliate complete a brief additional Affiliate form.

For example, many of our our Partners offer their products through ClickBank (CB – not all), so you will need to get a ClickBank Affiliate I.D. It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up, and once you do, you will use the SAME ClickBank I.D. for ALL CB programs you choose to join. 

As an Affiliate, you can quickly maximize your earning potential from website sales with little or no cost, and minimal effort. You control the amount of time you want to invest in your marketing efforts as a STC Affiliate.

A word about Affiliate Cookies. For an Affiliates purpose, “Cookies are specific bits of information with your Affiliate information used by your Partner providing the service, or product you are selling, to track your sales. That’s why you sign up as an affiliate AND get a SPECIFIC Affiliate LINK containing your Affiliate I.D. When a person clicks on your link, and makes a purchase you earn a commission. The longer the life of the COOKIE, the longer you get paid. Amazon changed the life of their cookies to 24 hours.

Imagine, if a person visits their site comparing pricing on a product, makes a purchase in 2 days, the referring Affiliate gets pain NOTHING. There is a way to get 9o Day Cookies with Amazon, but THEY KNOW that most new Affiliates don’t know this, and won’t get paid commissions. Years ago, I personally made an Amazon sale, and the cookies were still in effect. I was NEVER PAID any commissions, and they wouldn’t respond to my request for help. I lost almost $89 in commissions on a sales made through an Affiliate through the JVZoo program. We DON’T offer programs through entities that care nothing about their Affiliates.

“The HARDEST part of online marketing is finding the customer, and making the sale.”


So WHY should a company REFUSE to pay an AFFILIATE  commissions after the cookies EXPIRE? The company didn’t spend their time, money, and energy to find this customer. THE AFFILIATE DID. This customer primarily BELONGS TO THE AFFILIATE. And many companies offer multiple products. 

Generally, LIFETIME COOKIES with a company means the Affiliate will get paid for THEIR CUSTOMER when the customer makes AMY PURCHASE from the company. How would you feel if you were an affiliate of Amazon, you introduced the customer to them, they mad a $1 purchase today, came back a week later and spent $2000? Then you were paid a commission only on the 1st $1 purchase, but NOTHING on the $2000 purchase because your COOKIES HAD expired after 24 hours. It’s the individual Affiliate’s decision if they want to let these companies take advantage of them, but STC won’t make these unethical programs available to our Affiliate Partners.

STC breaks down our Partner Programs into two (2) categories

  1. Category 1 LIFETIME COOKIES – ALL THESE Affiliate programs offer LIFETIME Commissions. These are the BEST programs to offer.
  2. Category 2 LIMITED COOKIES – The programs only offer LIMITED COOKIES. These cookies only pay you commissions on customers that buy through your Affiliate link, and they are only good for 24 hours, to 3 months. STC ONLY offers programs with a MINIMUM of 90 days.*
  • We only offer these programs 990 Day Cookies) since we need to provide some specific business services, and there is no other quality similar service provider available. Once a new high quality Service Provider offering LIFETIME Commissions becomes available, it is our policy to represent them, eliminating our Affiliate arrangement with our previous Partner offering 90 day cookies.  And, we NOTIFY ALL our Affiliates of theses changes so they have the option to follow us to the NEW Service   Provider’s Affiliate programs.