Consultants Wanted

Note: In SOME categories we limit ourselves to representing only 1 professional per category (Some exceptions), and ONLY work with affiliate, and referral programs. We prefer programs offering LIFETIME COOKIES, but will consider a minimum of 90 day Cookies on a case-by-case basis.

Message to Consultants

We are seeking AFFILIATE PROGRAMS to offer our clients.  We are developing a special page to advertise YOUR PRODUCTS and SERVICE.  Here’s what we suggest:

  • That you work with us as a volunteer to answer business questions relative to your profession. 
  • We will add you to our “ASK (your Name)” page. You answer the specific questions addressed to you, and they are added to your CATEGORY on our FAQ page.
  • This exposure will refer visitors to your website through OUR AFFILIATE LINK.
  • Please contact us by email through our Contact Form – CLICK HERE

If you are interested in a listing our Partner’s Business Services Page, and offer an AFFILIATE Program or pay referral fees, we would be interested. to have you contact us. CLICK HERE

The following Professionals are especially In Demand

If you are a Consulting Company offering an Affiliate Program, we would appreciate the opportunity of discussing a JV, Affiliate, or referral arrangement with you. We desire to associate with highly experienced professionals in the USA. You will become our independent JV Partner, and submit a minimum of one 400+ word original article related to your profession weekly, for use in our BLOG, and Article Directory. And respond to “Questions for our “Ask Maverick” category.

Some categories will require only 1 attorney (or Law Firm) as an Immigration Attorney, Tax Attorney, Business Attorney, and others categories like Fiverr Consultants (and Service Providers), Specialized Business Consultants, and others require numerous service categories.  We seek the following Professionals, and independent Consultants for the following disciplines (But NOT limited to):

Business Consultant

Misc. Affiliate Programs

Nevada Corporation Formation

Wyoming Corporation Formation

Texas Corporation Formation


Website Builders

SEO Expert

Crowd Funding Consultants

Tax Attorney

Immigration Attorney

General Business Attorney

Business Course Developers

Securities Attorney

Patent Attorney

Video Developers

Video Marketing Consultant