Bob Maverick Stanford
Chairman, CEO
“The “MAVERICK” Entrepreneur™


Bob “MAVERICK” Stanford, known in the International business world as the “Maverick Entrepreneur,”™ or simply “MAVERICK,” is a published author (Over a dozen business books, and courses) , business consultant, TV and Documentary Producer, scriptwriter, and TV personality.

He served as an Independent International Business Consultant for countries (The King of Kuwait, and President of Brazil), and an International Banker/Financier’ for Galactic Internationale,’ (A Luxembourg Financial Institution).

He served as Executive Director for a National Cable TV Programmers Association consulting to Indie cable TV Producers, assisting them in the air time acquisition methods for low-cost TV air time, often acquiring it for pennies on the dollar

Maverick’s business philosophy is individuals should all have equal opportunity for a better life, and financial future, regardless of their past, current economic situation, minimal educational level, race, creed or color. Everyone should have equal opportune it in his eyes.

Today, in this 21st Century, 2017, Maverick is the founder and serves as Chairman, CEO for the online business vocational training center, “Brentwood Institute,” a division of Stanford Trade Center, Inc. The NEW Institute is scheduled for its official launch date November 1, 2017.

The school ‘s unique focus is aspiring entrepreneurs from the ranks of low-income, ex-offenders/felons, under educated (NO HS Diploma), and under privileged individuals desiring to better their lives through their own small home business.

Maverick is Producer, and Managing Director of Brentwood Institute’s “Maverick Entrepreneur TV Network,” presenting real world income opportunity training, and networking opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs.

A new series is on the drawing board, “The Maverick Entrepreneur,” ™ their new Web-TV/cable TV series, will introduce 5-15-minute business start-up segments, and reviews of income opportunities, without the usual hype online Guru’s use to peddle their wares.  All presented in an easy to understand, non-technical format.

Cable TV/Web-TV Shows are sponsored by Brentwood Institute and Produced by Indie cable and Web-TV Producers nationwide.

Brentwood Institute
Phone 702-900-9449

Bob “MAVERICK” Stanford



Mission Statement

Brentwood Institute serves aspiring entrepreneurs, and new students, offering home business courses synergistically combining online training, with real world application.

Our primary focus is on low-income, underprivileged, under-educated, or ex-offenders not having access to qualified small business training through the formal conventional educational system, and creating special programs to make our courses affordable, like our “John Willie Partee Student Grant.”

Under our direction, Master Course students start a home business, following their new business plan, and learn to start operating it legally and efficiently, resulting in a Diploma. Thus, they have accomplished the first stage of their new personal business enterprise with the guidance, and support of Brentwood Institute.