New Small Transportation Trend Saves BIG $$$$$

How many people do you know that either can’t afford to operate their car, it’s costing them too much to drive, or they just can’t afford one at all?  When you consider the cost to operate a car, including preventative maintenance, repairs, lubricants, oil, fuel, and insurance, it can be an overwhelming liability to someone who only drives a mile or two to work each day. 

There are thousands of small towns across America with dwindling populations. Many that at one time had 20,000 to 50,000 residents, only have a few thousand people living there now.  I call these “Living Ghost Towns.”  As you drive through them, you’ll see many commercial buildings boarded up since local businesses have either closed or even moved to a larger city. And there is little or no traffic on the streets. Many look like a post-apocalyptic event happened there.

The New Trend In the USA

Have you seen this little one (or two) person electric mobility vehicles driving around town? You might have seen kids on their two-wheel hoover-boards. They have replaced skateboards and bicycles for many youths across the country. But now the new trend is people are operating the small one-person three-wheel vehicles. Some don’t have seats. The person stands while driving. Top speeds can range between 4 mph to upward of 25 mph, with a distance range of 5 to 30 miles on a single battery charge. Speed & distance are affected by a person’s weight.

My favorite is the “Maverick EMV (Electric Mobility Vehicle) Pro 800.” It cost  about $1000 + $150 S&H. This will give you a brief description of one of the popular vehicles.

The Maverick EMV Pro 800 electric-powered personal transporter is a three-wheel electric scooter that you can ride while sitting or standing, It’s like a three-wheel Segway but at a fraction of the price! Powered by an 800-watt front wheel hub motor with speeds up to 25 miles per hour. It can achieve a 15-20 mile range on a full charge. It features a 16″ Pneumatic front tire, two 12″ Pneumatic rear tires, a removable seat, and a removable battery pack.

This personal transporter is easy-to-operate with a twist throttle and left handle front drum brake system. Comes standard with key, battery meter light, front LED headlight, and carrying basket. Specs: motor power: 800 Watt brush-less hub motor battery: four 12V 12Ah batteries (48V total).

Its maximum weight capacity is 240 lbs. Battery life is over 300 charges and range per charge is 15-20 miles (weight dependent). Recharge time ranges from 4-8hrs. Its climbing ability is 15 degrees. The seat is a wide saddle. The vehicle’s weight is 95 lbs.

Imagine replacing your car with one of these. Their cost and annual operating cost is likely cheaper than just the insurance or fuel for your current automobile. And these are fun to drive.  You can drive them with or without a seat (Standing up). They are self-balancing, making them great for seniors. And for about $150 more you can get a small trailer that can carry all your groceries (Or whatever) from the supermarket.

Sure, you don’t drive them in the rain, and most only carry one person. But it may only cost you about $25-$35 PER YEAR to keep an EMV charged. That equates to one tank of car gas. You do the math. Repairs are very easy to do and parts are normally quite cheap. The Maverick EMV Pro 800 uses four (4) 12 volt 12amp batteries.

They are rated for 300 charges. You could drive your vehicle to work two miles away, and two miles back and only need to charge your Maverick EMV Pro 800 once a week at less than $.75 per charge. Replacement batteries on eBay are $21.99 (each) with free s&h.

These have become very popular and prices are starting to rise a little, but they are still a bargain for the right buyers.

Thanks for reading, and remember

“It’s YOUR Business!”