Ten Used Items That Sell Well Online
The Maverick Entrepreneur Series

A great way to sell your lightly used items is online. Today there are numerous ways that you can do that. But, what sells well online?

1. Books – You can sell your old books. People still like reading paper books. You can sell them on eBay, through Amazon or other sites. Price them right and they’ll sell super-fast (unless they’re outdated books about technology).

2. Kids’ Clothing – Kids grow fast and many parents these days prefer to buy used rather than pay full price for new. As your child grows out of their clothing, put them in size bins so that you can easily sell them when you have five or ten pieces to photograph and sell in one size.

3. Yard Toys – Kids also grow out of certain toys fast, such as smaller swing sets, slides, big wheels and the like. If you have these items, you can sell them one at a time online via eBay or neighbor selling groups such as you can find on Facebook.

4. Baby Items – Bottles, layettes, cribs, strollers – they all sell fast online, especially if you list them locally. Do a search on Facebook for “your city selling group” and you’re sure to find a place to sell them.

5. Electronics – If you have old phones, games, and gaming consoles that still work and aren’t completely out of date, you can sell them in your local selling groups or on eBay for a decent amount. Do make sure you reformat hard drives on computers and remove chips from phones.

6. Jewelry – If you have costume jewelry or the real thing, it will sell online if you’re willing to deal with a lower price than you paid. Some things like diamonds do hold up in value, though, so if you can prove it’s real, start with a higher price – yet lower than if they went to a store.

7. Wedding Dresses – Used wedding dresses sell surprisingly well online. Part of the reason is that new they are so very expensive. If you had it altered, make sure you give the actual measurements that fit in the dress regardless of size.

8. Collectables – Any type of collectible will sell fast online. Make sure you price it right and consider using eBay rather than your local buy and sell groups, because you’ll make more money and get more traffic to your collectables.

9. High-End Name Brand Fashion – While it’s sometimes hard to sell generic or low-end used clothing for adults online, if you have gently used name brand fashion to sell you can most certainly sell it for more online than if you took it to a consignment store. Try a site like Poshmark.com to sell your unused Jimmy Choos.

10. Home and Garden – These types of items sell well online if they’re in good condition and look like new. Many people only decorate their home with used items. In addition, many people prefer to buy used garden equipment. Try using your local buy and sell groups for best results.

Selling your used items online is a great way to avoid having a yard sale, and sometimes you can get more for your item online than you can at a garage sale depending on what it is. However, you will have to take excellent images and be good at writing accurate descriptions of your items.