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Today, selling products have evolved from distributing through physical stores to highly efficient online platforms, like Shopify and Oberlo. This is due to the greatly reduced cost of doing business online and the dramatically increased ease and speed to get your products to market.  Online sales and distribution can help you to cut off at least 90+% of the total expenses of total operating costs.

By doing so, an online marketer like you will be able to offer your products at a much lower price and dominate your competitors who’re still using the conventional way! Apps like Oberlo can equip the newbie, and experienced online marketers to streamline their dropshipping system. 

Oberlo is an app that allows you to import dropshipped products from AliExpress to your ecommerce store within minutes. Any orders that your store receives will be shipped directly to your customers in just a few clicks.

Through a dropshipping system, your suppliers send your products directly to your customs having no Inventory on your part, and generally, even handling money collections and processing. All you do is attract customer traffic and sell. This is a new world of small business opportunity for the aspiring entrepreneur. Almost no upfront business costs.

Once your store is up and running, you simply concentrate on making “Your 1st $1000 with Shopify.” A business person MUST learn to crawl before they can walk, and learn to walk before they can run.  The same principle applies to a new business owner. You progressive rate of speed can be accelerated, it depends on your ability, resources, and most importantly your DRIVE.

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This new Digital Video Course can teach you many of the basics you need to know to get started.  This is likely easier than you think if you follow our course closely and apply the methods to your business.  Once you have completed this basic/intermediate level course, Shopify can complete your training.!

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