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8 Benefits of a Home Business  – It Can Make Your Life Easier
by STC Staff Writer

Home businesses come in many different shapes, sizes, and forms. These types of businesses provide individuals with an alternative to the office job setting and provide various freedoms to the business owners as well. In fact, there are five often-cited ways in which a home business can make one’s life easier overall.

1. Child Care Issues

Perhaps one of the most often cited features of a home business which can make one’s life easier is that by owning a home business, individuals are able to work while staying at home with their children.

This makes the need for daily child care a nonexistent factor. Although some individuals who work from home still opt for putting their kids in daycare, having a home business does make doing without childcare a possibility.

2. Transportation Issues

Another way which home businesses can make a business owner’s life that much easier relates to transportation issues. When owning a home business, one can conduct their daily business affairs from the convenience of their home office.

This gets rid of the need for commuting to an office each day and putting mileage on the car, not to mention paying costly gas bills. It is also a time saver with regard to not having to commute to and from work which is also a highly regarded trait of owning a home business.

3. Tax Deductions

One who has a home business is also able to reap the benefits of multiple tax deductions and incentives which may be available to them. Using a home office enables a business owner to save money in the long run by seeing deductions on their annual tax returns.

Although this only happens once a year, the rewards are often quite good for home business owners who operate their business out of their home office.

4. Fire Your Own Boss

An additional incentive for home business owners is the benefit of being their own boss. This is a wonderful thing to consider. No more bossy employers enforcing strict, unyielding schedules. In the end, one’s life can be much easier, and enjoyable. Work when you want to, take a break, then pursue your work in the manner which you see fit.

5. Set Your Own Hours

Generally, you have complete latitude to set your own working hours. If your an author, you can write all night, on weekends, or any time you wish. 

6. Save on Clothes Cost

If you were an executive, or a salesperson required to wear expensive clothes, then you can really appreciate this benefit. When I worked as an International Business Financier, I had to wear an expensive suite, shoes, and etc.

It cost me many thousands of dollars per year for clothing, plus I had a huge cleaners bill. Now I work in jogging pants and a T-shirt. And no more expensive shoes, as I now wear slippers.

I had an associate that works (writes a BLOG) in his pajamas.  Isn’t life grand? :>)

7. Fewer Distractions

And for many people, you will eliminate many distractions. I tend to play my soft jazz music while I work on my website and BLOG. AT night I may be sipping on a glass of wine while snacking on cheese and crackers. I could never do that when I worked in a corporate office.

8. Reduces Overhead

Lastly, an individual who runs a business out of their home will often find that their life is made easier by saving themselves money in the end.

As opposed to those individuals who own businesses which are run out of separate offices, home business owners will see large reductions in overhead.

Making use of the home as a workspace is a great way to make life easier on the individual and their wallet.

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