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10-Day Marketing to Seniors PART 3 of 10

7 content marketing tips for attracting seniors

This article will cover WHAT senior marketing is.

Today, most senior-focused publications and groups consider anyone over 50 to be in their market. When you consider that, your market for seniors is a lot larger than you may have thought.

And yes, you can use content marketing to get the word out to seniors. Use these tips to ensure that your content marketing attracts seniors.

1. Don’t Insult Their Intelligence – Seniors are a lot savvier than some people give them credit for. Think about it; seniors have been marketed to their entire lives. They know tricks when they see them and aren’t easily fooled, despite what you may have heard.

2. Use Video – Seniors do watch videos but the key here is to make them short, to the point, and include closed captions so that if there are issues with hearing they can understand what is being said on the video.

3. Blog – You can still blog for seniors. Seniors do read blogs but they may not search for them in the same way, so promoting on social media, via email marketing, and even ensuring that you’re published in magazines will make it more likely that you’re found.

4. Use Word of Mouth – One way to get content to your senior audience is to ensure that you ask anyone who reads your content to share it with their friends. Seniors trust word of mouth more than slick advertising because they know and trust their friends.

5. Know Your Audience – Every senior audience is not the same. It’s imperative that you don’t treat them that way. For example, if your senior market is retired computer programmers they obviously understand more about technology than if your senior market consists of quilters.

6. Use Direct Mail Content – Content marketing isn’t just for the internet. In fact, content marketing was around long before the internet. Therefore, since seniors usually really like direct mail that they can hold and look at, your audience may respond very well to direct mail.

7. Get Published in Print – Don’t focus all your content online. Submit articles to print magazines and senior-focused newsletters. Many magazines and newsletters will pay you for your content, but in some cases, you may have to pay to publish your content as if it’s an advertorial.

If you really want seniors to respond to you, present content to them where they are. Make it easy for them to find, to act on, and to use. Plus, promote any content that you create as well as you would promote the actual products and services you create.

Next article “How to market specifically to senior men.”

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