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“The Maverick Entrepreneur News”
Monday, December 17, 2018

by Bob “MAVERICK” Stanford

The Maverick Entrepreneur News is targeted to the small home business, aspiring entrepreneurs, and the independent local brick-and-mortar businesses also maintaining an online presence have special needs, requiring news that is pertinent specifically to them.

Generally, they care more about the news that will affect their business and income, than cargo ships attacked by Somalo pirates, or how to make your corn crops grow faster. I’m not suggesting these aren’t important issues to know, but there is such an overload of information coming our way daily, people have learned to be quite selective in their daily news input.

Also, the way we get our news is important. We are living in the new age of video, and websites that audibly read to us, as well as the conventional written word. demand these options, as well as the right news that pertains to us.

The Maverick Entrepreneur News is starting as an online weekly newspaper utilizing all three of these methods offering choices for how we can receive our news.  Once readership builds, we plan to update our news more frequently, in time daily, like typical paper printed newspapers.

Our newspaper will always be FREE, and online, so you don’t even need to subscribe. To start it will be updated every Monday.  Also, we publish our FREE Daily Blog presenting articles to help you better grow and run your business. All of our BLOG and Newspaper articles focus only on news and training that are of interest to you as a small home businessperson.

New Dail Chat now active too. Do you have specific business questions you would like answers too? You may have noticed our CHAT feature located at the bottom right corner of all our website pages.   When it shows it is on, you can ask the available business consultant questions about our products and website features. They are there to make our website more effective for you.

If you have suggestions on how we can improve our site, we are appreciative of your feedback too. If our CHAT line is closed, you can send us emails from it for answers too, and we will get back to you in a timely manner by email.

We offer an “Ask Maverick” free service, available by email to answer your business questions too. Just CLICK HERE, complete the brief form with your email, and we will do our best to find the answers to your questions in a timely manner. All of our responses are added to our FAQ (NOT listing your name or email – Only Anonymously).

If you are interested in additional information as outlined in this article, need assistance in applying this information, or just want more resources, contact us for FREE (no obligation) and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

CLICK HERE for the “ASK MAVERICK” form to contact us with your questions.