The Maverick Entrepreneur™ Series


Success Strategy of the Maverick Entrepreneur
Tactical stratagems for Surviving the Business Battlefield

By Bob “MAVERICK” Stanford – “The Maverick Entrepreneur™”

Chapter 1

Note: Don’t let the title of this book intimidate you, thinking this will be a complex or difficult read. Actually, the title is the hardest part of this book. The book is presented at about an 8th grade level (like the Wall Street Journal) for easy comprehension by most readers. Each Wednesday the next chapter in the series will be posted.

This work is structured to help the reader gain a true grasp of the hard realities of the modern 21st Century business world, and how to successfully maneuver through the maze of corruption, crime, unethical practices, selfish greedy apathetic people, unscathed and attain business financial success in spite of these many negative influences, without being contaminated by them. Save & Exit

It’s a moral imperative to achieve and maintain high moral values and standards in all your business practices. This book is designed to open your eyes to see in this “dark world” of uncertainty, ultimately winning your way.

Definitions of Strategy, Tactics, and Stratagems for purposes of this book

There are many different definitions of these three words, and their context or setting can influence their meaning. The military may use it differently than corporate America. This book is a form of hybrid, using the military terms in a corporate business world environment.

So, for purposes of this work, a strategy denotes your overall plan of action to reach your primary business goal. A stratagem usually implies subterfuge or unconventional tactics. Finally, tactics are the incremental procedures used for implementing a strategy.

The Entrepreneurial Pioneers

In the colligate word, it’s not uncommon to observe a Professor teaching complex business issues, who has never owned a business or achieved any true form of real-world business success.

Until a couple of decades back, entrepreneurship wasn’t taught in MBA and business courses. They only taught technical systems, and case histories at best, by teachers primarily familiar with the theory, not experience.

Instructors didn’t train their students to face the many unethical businesspersons they would face after graduating with an MBA. The realities of the world would repeatedly try to beat them down, and they weren’t prepared for that reality.

Most of them were idealistic seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. Boy, would they have some hard lessons to learn.

It was individuals like E. Joseph Cossman, Jim Straw, Brainerd Mellinger, Robert Ringer and other forward thinkers, who did have unique real-world business experience, leading the way to true entrepreneurship as a result of their pioneering business methods developed by “thinking outside of the box.”

I knew E. Joseph Cossman. In fact, he was one of my primary mentors over the years. Joe was personally responsible for completing and marketing the most comprehensive, and useful business course I’ve taken. The same is true of Jim Straw, my other primary mentor. Jim was famous for Saying, “I may not tell you what you want to hear, but I will tell you what you need to know.”

In fact, the University of Toronto, and other universities introduced and taught Joe Cossman’s course on entrepreneurship. He visited universities as a guest speaker on a regular basis, and his popularity grew catapulting him to true celebrity status.

Entrepreneur – “A business person willing to take a calculated risk in order to achieve business and financial success.”

This was the birth of a new era in business education. Now students were receiving real-world training based on creative and proven business practices, case histories, along with conventional theories and systems. For the first time, entrepreneurship has become mainstream.

The Business Battlefield

Entrepreneurship training today goes beyond the dated conventional training, in that is teaches the reality of the business battlefield, as well as strategies, and tactics required to reach strategic goals. In the real world of business, there are procedures we need to follow to complete our projects.

But, there are constant obstacles continually bombarding us, from all directions, necessitating our implementing defensive measures to protect our business, thus introducing strategies, tactics, and stratagems.

The is a big world out there, full of con-artist, criminals, greedy individuals, even apathetic and jealous people that want us to fail at our business endeavors. It’s a literal working minefield of harmful black business arts, performed by the many that want what you have, and most of them will do anything to get it.

This publication is not intended or designed to help the reader learn to take advantage of, or use unethical black business tactics and stratagems against other businesspersons.

Its sole purpose is to make the reader aware of the dangers, loopholes, and business booby-traps out there around every corner, and how you can maneuver around them for defensive purposes, still achieving success, reaching your ultimate financial goals.

Winning Through Intimidation

“Winning Through Intimidation,” by Robert J. Ringer, was is a bestselling book written decades ago, and was one of the foundation entrepreneurial books that saved me thousands of dollars in business income losses, and major frustrations over the years, through its timely insight into the “Business battlefield of the world.”

Ringer doesn’t call it a battlefield, but after reading it, that’s what you will likely realize you are facing as a true entrepreneur. He relates how he graduated from two universities, one named “Screw U,” the “real world” education learned through experiences, many quite stressful.

He categorizes business people into different types, and the one I found the most interesting eas the last one, the “Honest” person who still winds up with your “Chips (Winnings), even though he didn’t intend to. That’s just life. You owe it to yourself to read his book. You can find a used copy on eBay too.

It can help open your eyes to the realities of this corrupt environment and prepare you to develop your own ethical and secure business strategy. Below are the stratagems and tactics you will need to survive in this confusing business environment, while still maintaining good business ethics and your sanity.

The Twelve Tactical Stratagems for Surviving the Business Battlefield

1. ETHICS – I will always adhere to ethical business practices even in the face of adversity, temptation, and opportunity. I will never compromise my integrity.
2. LEADERSHIP – I will always lead my team from the front setting the primary example, encouraging them to collaborate for the benefit of all involved in our projects.
3. PROTECTION – I will disburse important information on a need to know basis for the security and protection of my strategic plan, and for my constituents, always championing a win, win conclusion for all concerned.
4. EQUALITY – I will treat all individuals the same, seeking a positive conclusion for both parties in all projects.
5. DISCIPLINE – I will not stray from my primary strategy, nor be swayed by negative outside influences. Tenacity will be my outstanding quality. I may not always like it, but I will just do it.
6. ENDURANCE – The measure of my success must include some suffering, and painful endurance in spirit or I’m not doing it right.
7. FOCUS – I will utilize the necessary tactics to keep myself, and my business on track without deviation from my plan realizing there is only relative, not absolute perfection.
8. EXPECTATIONS – I will always be truthful about project potential, never exaggerating the facts. I will never assume anything, or underestimate my competitors.
9. STRATAGEMS – I understand the need to mask my methods from my competitors using necessary stratagems to reveal information on a need to know basis. I’ll give them the illusion I’m not where they expect me to be to reduce the chances of their negative influences, or leaking privileged and confidential information, helping me to maintain my competitive edge.
10. TACTICS – I will develop and implement skillfully planned tactics to accomplish my strategic end goal. KISS – “Keep It Simple Stupid!”
11. RESULTS – I’m NOT paid for my methodology. I’m paid only for results. Don’t get caught up in the ceremony, but work until it hurts. As long as it’s legal, moral, and ethical, ignore the rules. Always think outside the box and finish the project. I insist on winning
12. FINISH THE RACE – I will never give up, but will finish what I start to its ultimate and best conclusion possible.

CLOSING STRATAGEM – See the real world as it is, and keep your competitors in the dark as to your methods of operation, goals, and release information publically on a need to know basis. Your goal is to win. So win!

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