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Online Research Income Opportunities for Parents
No telephone work required
By Bob “MAVERICK” Stanford – “The Maverick Entrepreneur”

Most adults have already developed some research skills. Especially since the advent of the Internet. How often do you web surf, looking up something like reading the news, searching for a recipe, a solution to some problem, researching people through social media sites? All this activity is classified as “Research.”

It seems most online home business opportunities include writing articles for Blogs and websites, selling your own products through websites, phone selling, or marketing affiliate products. These work assignments just don’t fit many individuals personalities or employment desires.

Desirable Work at Home for non-salespersons

Many people want to:

  • Work at home
  • Set their own hours
  • Dress casual
  • Be in a relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere (like a high-pressure office environment)
  • Engaging in work not requiring lengthy, and expensive higher education
  • No selling
  • No customer service – In most case no telephone work period(Some phone opportunities are available too).

Many of the individuals that fall into the non-salesperson category find it difficult to secure work permitting them to utilize their talents, yet have the benefits of the list above.

Consider Doing Online Research for companies

You may not have thought of applying your developed skills to use earning income as an online researcher.

Here are Companies that will pay you to do research for them.

Visit each site to learn about their programs, payments, and requirements. The research industry may be just what you are looking for to earn income from home your way!

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