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What You Will Need To Start A Successful Home Business in 2019
by STC Staff Writer

Starting a home business is a very important decision, and there are some typical home business resources you will need to have in order for you to succeed.

Home business resources are assets, services and systems you will need to make your home business run smoothly; and also other steps you will need to take to make sure that you will succeed with your business.

So, to start a successful home business, what resources and steps do you need to take?

A clearly laid out business plan – Without a business plan and goals to achieve, then you can not get anywhere. A business plan will map out what you need to succeed and how you will achieve your goals.

Good research – Whatever your business will need, you will need to be well informed about it. So you will need to do research so that you become an expert on the niche, product or service. Knowledge about the business is an important home business resource, so you must do the necessary research to be well-informed about the industry or product/service.

An efficient set-up office – Your office is another important home business resource. You will need to be productive while working from home. You will, therefore, need an office that has all you will need to run a smooth business; a computer, printer, internet access, fax, telephone, business cards, and a conducive work environment.

• Furniture and Lighting – A suitable desk and appropriate lighting in your office is also an important resource that is often underestimated in its importance. Sometimes you will work for many hours a day, and your workspace needs to be comfortable. Allocate some money towards setting up a working environment you will enjoy working from every day!

Working Capital – Some money to cover capital outlay and running costs is an important home business resource which you will need. Any business requires some form of investment, and you will need to know how much you have, and how much investments and ongoing marketing your business will need for it to succeed.

It is therefore recommended that you start your business while you are still employed so that you have some income to live on while you are still building your business.

Support system – This can be a mentor; someone who has succeeded with a similar business, or simply your family and friends. You need to have people close to you who will encourage you and give you any support you need. You can also join a forum of people with the same business as yours. A good support network is a very important home business resource.

Lead Generation System – Business leads and clients are a crucial home business resource. Making and creating contacts and networking is very important – you need to start building your potential clients base before you launch your business. Start marketing your business by giving away some products and services.

By creating a relationship with your potential customers, you build trust with them, and when you launch your business, it will be easy for them to buy from you.

Be professional! – The way you run your business and relate to your customers is very important. Be prepared to ‘go the extra mile’ with your customers. Care about your customers, and provide all the information they may need.

Outsource – Hire any professional help you may need. Treat your business professionally, and if you need the services of a lawyer or accountant, hire/outsource it. It is more productive and effective to get experts to do what you can not do, leaving you time to focus on your business. You will want to do the best for your business; so if there are any home business resources you do not have, outsource them.

Fast Computer System – These days you can buy high powered, quality used, feature rich computers on eBay for $250-$400 – An excellent NEW Canon pr HP color printer costs under $100. These days you can buy a years supply of ink cartridges for under $100 (on eBay).

I purchased two SUPER POWERFUL FAST Systems – I have two HP XEON (W3550 CPUs – 3.7GHZ) servers, with 22 GB Ram in one and 16GB Ram in 2nd one, and (2) TB Hard Drives in one, and (1) 3TB HD in the other-All NEW 7200RPM HDs. I have under $600 invested in BOTH computers. 

They even came with a 30 Day guarantee from one of the highest rated eBay computer sellers. (Note- A Server is basically the same as a standard PC but generally built with highest quality parts, motherboard, and fast Ram.

They tend to be more reliable than regular PCs. If you need help finding one of these types of systems, contact our FREE tech support through our “ASK MAVERICK” form referenced below.

Video Production Software – We are well underway in the 21st Century. It’s 2019 and video presentations have literally taken over the web. Everyone (worth their salt) is using this powerful tool.  The is NEW low-cost software that enables even rookies to make high-quality videos with minimal training, knowledge, and effort.

You can buy most of this type of software for a one-time price of $29 – $39 per software package. You’ll likely need 3 or 4 of these and maybe a couple of annual subscriptions (about $49 year each). and you’re all set. Contact our FREE tech support through our “ASK MAVERICK” form referenced below or visit our sister website VIDEO RESOURCE CENTER by CLICKING HERE for direct access to many of these new softwares.

Website Platform – For years I resisted the urge to try switching to the WordPress (WP) website platform – Now I would NOT use any other platform. DOn’t be confused by these two websites,, and is the original (Open Source ) WP website Platform. This is the one I use because I want to use my own hosting and many other features. is a separate hosting service that exclusively offers WP services.

They are excellent too, and about 1/2 of all WP websites (over 37,000,000) are listed on their servers. I suggest you check them out with before making a decision which service to use.

In 2019 is estimated at over 172 million (according to a survey published by netcraft). That’s around 75,000,000 websites are using WordPress right now — with around half of those sites (37,500,000) being hosted on the shared hosting installation.

WP is FREE to use, highly efficient, no longer just a BLOG platform, and fully compatible with the DIVI Theme (See below).  You will need WP hosting. unless you use the services of the leading WP hosting service

Today you can get STANDARD WP Hosting – or MANAGED WP Hosting (cost a bit more) which automates the updating process on your website. I recommend this monitored hosting, especially for online rookies.

Website building software (This was the toughest one for me) – I have been building websites since the early days of the Internet, starting in 1993.  I was building sites from scratch learning and using HTML code.

Then website design software started appearing.  As time went on, there became many such programs, and MOST were NOT user-friendly or went out of business just after I started using them. Microsoft was the worst software vendor for this type of program.

I would spend 6 mos learning one program, only to have them discontinue it, come up with an entirely new one, and do this process all over again. This was my greatest frustration since I built websites for corporate clients.

I used Adobe Dreamweaver but it’s learning curve was high, and it was VERY expensive, and constantly needed to be upgraded (always a new cost) when the Internet changed, which it does daily.

Website builder like WIX, Ionos (formerly another hosting companies offer free or proprietary website builders. These change too often, are very limited, and you get what you pay for.

Change hosting companies (I’ve tried about 10 companies in the last 26 years) is a given, since they make unbearable changes in their program, go out of business, or raise their prices.   So I needed a website builder I could use on ANY hosting company.

In time I discovered DIVI, a relatively user-friendly modular website building program.  It was purchased on an annual subscription, and after I used it for a couple of years, I purchased a LIFETIME subscription for under $200.

The parent company is called Elegant Themes and is an aggressively fast growing company with hundreds of thousands of users, and they update many times a month, almost weekly (Free to active subscribers).

I will RARELY buy a lifetime membership because companies selling them tend to go out of business fast. But I’m confident Elegant Themes (DIVI Theme) will be around for a long time to come because they stay on top of their products growth like no other company I’ve ever experienced.  Should you like more info on DIVI CLICK HERE.

If you have the home business resources outlined above, then your business will succeed. Although your home business may only be a small venture, treat it like a real business, and get all the home business resources any business will need in order to be successful.

If you are interested in additional information as outlined in this article, need assistance in applying this information, or just want more resources, contact us for FREE (no obligation) and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

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