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10-Day Marketing to Seniors PART 2 of 10

9 common mistakes when marketing to seniors
by STC Staff Writer

Today we’re going to look at the most common mistakes made when marketing to seniors. It’s imperative that you pay attention to how different your audience may be compared to other audiences. Part of it has to do with familiarity with technology, but other aspects simply have to do with getting older and having certain expectations for how content should be delivered.

1. Not Using Old Media – Newspapers and magazines are still well-loved and read by boomers and seniors. They still like the feeling of the paper in their hands. While they are transitioning to tablets and digital media, they still have the highest subscription rates to newspapers and magazines.

2. Not Getting Published in Senior-Focused Media – Certain media such as AARP are focused on their senior audience. If you’re serious about marketing to seniors, you should be focusing on these types of publications too.

3. Not Considering Authorship – Just like many seniors like to hold a paper or magazine in their hand, they also like books. There is a high respect for authors among boomers and seniors that is even greater than younger audiences. If you go the publishing route to express subject matter authority, be sure to publish a paper book in addition to a digital book.

4. Not Considering Coupon Mailers – The audience that uses and looks through those coupon mailers are mostly seniors. They love them. If your audience is seniors, you should highly consider running a test with coupon mailers.

5. Not Using Facebook or Social Media Sites – Don’t assume that just because your senior audience likes paper that they don’t also use social media. A lot of grandmas are on Facebook because they like watching their grown children and grandchildren’s lives unfold before them. That means they’re right there where you can market to them.

6. Not Advertising on Cable TV – Your senior audience likes to watch TV. If you can afford to run an advertisement on late-night TV cable channels that your audience watches, you can rake it in. Because many seniors sleep less and watch TV more, they’re almost a captive audience. If you would like to get LOW-COST cable advertising, literally for pennies on the dollar, contact Mr. Charlie Stogner by visiting LAPA at (Leased Access Programmers Association).

Mr. Stogner founded LAPA and is the champion of supporting Indie producers in securing Leased Access TV spots.  You won’t believe how inexpensively you can get quality TV advertising through a little know law that Charlie utilizes for his followers. Also, he owns serving Indie TV spots producers to acquire this affordable airtime. Very few people know about this.

7. Not Using Sponsorships of Senior Focused Events – What do seniors like to do where you live? Do they play bingo? Do they hang out at the senior center learning to paint? Do they like to take courses at the Lifetime Learning Center in your area? What events do these places have that you can sponsor? Sponsorship of live events is a great way to get your brand made aware to seniors.

8. Not Marketing on Radio – Many seniors love to listen to the radio, especially talk radio. They like listening and even calling in. Find out which shows your audience listens to and buy spots on those shows. You can even appear on the radio show to be interviewed about your product or service.

These are all advertising and marketing ideas that your senior audience may respond to. The best way to find out is to test your market with some well-placed advertisements and content in the spaces where seniors are already.

Next article will cover “How you can attract seniors with your content marketing.”

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