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Content Marketing + Shopify Store = Make Real Money!
by STC Staff Writer

If you’re looking for a way to make money as a blogger, then one of the simplest possible options is to take your current strategy, add some more content marketing and then use Shopify to turn it into a membership site.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing means marketing a website or blog by adding lots of content to it. This then makes it easier for people to find you on Google and it lets people share content they enjoy on your site.

But more than this, it also allows you to build trust and authority with your audience and thereby to make more sales. The idea is simple: someone finds your content through Google and reads a blog post or article you’ve written.

In doing so, they learn something interesting and they are thoroughly entertained. Thus they look out for your logo in future.

Eventually, your visitors decide they want to bookmark your page or subscribe to your RSS feed because they really enjoy what you’re putting out.

Then they see that you have extra content that’s premium and that costs them money. You manage to make it very clear that behind that paywall is your very best stuff that can really benefit them.

Finally, the make the plunge and decide to sign up for your content. You can even make this easier for them by providing a free trial membership, or by making it very easy for them to cancel. Either way, you’ll now have a perfect means of converting first-time visitors into long-term readers and eventually paying customers.

And because that payment is a recurring payment, this means it’s perfectly predictable and 100% reliable. You have right here a very simple and easy method for securing a lot of money for the long term future!

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