Native American-owned businesses

The federal government provides opportunities in contracting, business development, and other programs for Native American small business owners.

Office of Native American Affairs (ONAA)

The SBA’s Office of Native American Affairs facilitates full access to business growth and expansion tools for small businesses owned by Native Americans. ONAA engages in tribal consultations, produces promotional materials, and participates in national economic development conferences.

American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians can use our local assistance tool to find nearby offices and resources. There, you can get counseling on whether our 8(a) Business Development Program is right for you.

You may want to reference the SBA’s resource guide for American Indians, Alaskan Natives, and Native Hawaiians, or use our Native American Business Primer.

Free technical assistance

ONAA offers free technical assistance for a variety of business types. Consider the following for technical assistance.

Other federal programs

The Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Indian Affairs provides services to federally recognized tribes. You can take advantage of education, job training, and employment opportunities. These are delivered through contracts, grants, and compacts to approximately 1.9 million American Indians and Alaska Natives.

For more information, visit the following federal programs.

Additional Native American resources