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For Week TWO, Monday December 2018

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An Easy Way to Have Your Computer Read Web Content to you for FREE

In today’s fast-paced world, video presentations, and audiobooks are becoming the order of the day. The fastest growing book platform in the world is Audio Books. It’s common for print, and download books to have an audio version too. Amazon is making a killing with their Audible Audiobooks program. 

People are often in a hurry to get things done, rest their eyes and relax, or better leverage their time by listening to audiobooks, articles, and etc. on their computers, or in their cars on CD. There is free software available to enable you to accomplish all of these tasks on your laptop or home computer.

If you desired, you could have your computer reading this article to you. The voices are computer generated but are very realistic sounding these days. You can select a male or female reader, and even adjust the playback speed. If I covering business articles, I jack up the speed to be as fast as I can still easily understand and comprehend.

This enables me to cover 3 or 4 times more material in the same time I could cover one at normal speed.  If I’m having a non-technical Kindle novel read to me with its built-in audio reader,  I’ll generally have it read at the normal, conversational playback speed.

Two Ways to Enable Your Computer to Read Website Text Out Loud

This feature is called “Convert text to speech,” that is teaching your computer to read the page you are on. 

Method #1 – Add an Icon to your web browser  – This is the simplest way to add text to speech to your computer. Generally, I use Firefox and added this simple plugin to it: CLICK HERE. It only takes seconds to install this plugin which will add a small Icon to your Web Browser Tool Bar. 

The Audio Icon looks like this.

It just doesn’t get any easier than this. I use this feature to read all the articles I write, and digital books, back to me for proofing. This helps me to write in a more conversational manner, which is my goal, to not come across as rigid, or stiff. As a professional author, my eyes are in a state of constant strain, and this feature has dramatically reduced my discomfort since I’ve been using it in my editing process.

There will be occurrences when your reader won’t work for some pages. I find this a rarity but it does happen. This brings us to the second way to add text to speech to your computer.

Method #2 – Add a free Open Source (Always FREE software) called Balabolka – CLICK HERE for FREE instant Download. If you can copy and paste text, you can use Balabolka.  You highlight and copy text from a webpage, then instantly paste it into Balabolka.

Set the voice (Included) you like, male or female, and click on SPEECH on the Drop Down Menu, and CLICK on READ ALOUD and your experience a pleasurable reading experience.  You can adjust the speed if you like too. I’ve pasted complete ebooks into it with no problem. I utilize both methods on my computers.

Additional software packages for text-to-speech

You may wish to try the following text-to-speech software. Not all are free.  Some also offer a paid pro version or upgrade. Some have more features than others like ease of use, and additional realistic sounding voices. They allow you to hear the voice in your accent.

I’m American so I prefer an American Accent. My British colleagues prefer their local dialect. You do have choices. Some programs have more advanced voices, making them sound more realistic and natural.

Best Text To Speech Software

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