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Don’t Sell Me, Tell Me: How to use storytelling to connect with the hearts and wallets of a hungry audience by Greg Koorhan
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I thoroughly enjoyed the focus of this book about the importance of storytelling to build a brand for any business. Greg Koorhan is a talented author, and after watching one of his videos, I’m surprised he isn’t a video voice over talent too. I was so engrossed in this subject and his conversational like writing technique, read this book in just one setting.

It seems that the vast majority of new books on marketing, and branding cover the same regurgitated materials, with new information a rarety. Not so in this publication. Mr. Koorhan has covered a highly important niche, the importance of storytelling to posture a business in today’s marketplace.

In this book, he goes beyond just enlightening his readers about the importance and benefits of storytelling as a strategy for branding a company. He goes into detail on how to do it, yet his material is presented in an easy to understand format, mostly in nontechnical language.

I’m an experienced author and written many video scripts, both fiction and non-fiction books, and taken writing courses, yet I learned some great points on how to effectively utilize storytelling in my business. And there were several points that I already knew, but I had forgotten that he brought back to the surface.

This book was a breath of fresh air in refreshing many points I currently need to enhance my branding through storytelling. I’m sure others will glean different points from the book, but the ones I’ve just stated hit home with me.

He emphasized the need to stop hard selling potential clients, and talk to them, providing them with valuable content in a truthful manner. I’m constantly irritated at how so many internet gurus lie in their marketing by grossly exaggerating their sales pitches. This is a serious point I have personally been pondering over lately, to not be persuaded by their teachings to use these dishonest tactics.

How often have seen a sales page stating that there are only 50 copies left, on a digital product that has no limitations? Or you have seen the “Count Down Clock: stating that you must buy in the next hour or so, or the price will go way up? Then when you come back days later the price is still at the discounted price?

These may not be the exact examples Greg uses, but the principles he states to cover this honesty, and marketing integrity, are applicable. He emphasizes the importance of making your storytelling engaging to draw in your readers.

In closing, I highly recommend you add this important book to your marketing arsenal.

Bob “MAVERICK” Stanford – “The Maverick Entrepreneur”

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