Partner with Walmart® and Shopify® for YOUR Online Ecommerce Store
by Bob “MAVERICK” Stanford – “The Maverick Entrepreneur™”

Are you having difficulty deciding what to sell online? How do you feel about starting your own online ecommerce store, and stocking it will Walmart products? All you need is a Shopify® ecommerce website and join Walmart’s® Affiliate Program.

Consider representing Walmart® the World’s Biggest and Most Reputable Store

Today it seems everyone online is trying to sell Amazon products. But now there’s a newer opportunity through Walmart®. It’s called their Affiliate Program. How often do you see Walmart ads on websites? It seems every other website is promoting Amazon. Get in early to establish your home business as a reputable Walmart Affiliate.

The Affiliate Program helps turn visits to your site into revenue for you. Place links to our products on your website, and when a visitor follows those links to and completes a qualifying purchase, you earn a commission.
They make it easy to enter and maintain this partnership by providing you with:
  • Free membership
  • The powerful draw of Walmart’s Every Day Low Prices
  • A great commission structure (see chart below) that pays 1-4% with three return days
  • Free professionally designed banners
  • Free newsletters with product information and links, and ideas for increasing your revenue
  • Data feeds with information on top-selling and exclusive products
  • Contests and extra opportunities to earn commissions
  • A dedicated team to help you maximize sales

The exclusive Walmart Program commissions seem low to rookies, but believe me, they can make you BIG $$ once your Walmart – Shopify Ecommerce store becomes known. After initial setup, your main function is to simply keep promoting your site to drive traffic to it. Stanford Trade Center will help you accomplish that.

Cheap business to setup

Have you ever set up an offline Brick-and-Mortar (Physical) business?  They are very expensive to start, usually in the $1,000s of dollars. You need a building, licenses, legal fees, inventory, staff, and the list goes on an on. And you’ve got to learn to do all these things and be efficient at operating your business. There’s a LOT to learn to set up and operate an offline business.

Compare the offline business to a Shopify® online ecommerce website store.  It will cost you less than $30 to start and be set up in just a few hours. And there’s very little to learn. Sure, you will need to apply yourself, learn the basics (FREE training here), and it will take some work on your part.

Look at the Benefits of starting a Home Business

  • No need for Child Care
  • No Transportation Issues
  • Tax Deductions working from home
  • Fire Your Own Boss
  • Set Your Own Hours
  • Save on Clothes Cost
  • Fewer Distractions
  • Reduces Overhead

Here’s a recent article on the benefits’ of owning a home business

CLICK HERE for information on getting your own Shopify® ecommerce Store

CLICK HERE for information on becoming a Walmart® Affiliate

It’s Easy to Set Up and Operate

Shopify® provides you with everything you need to set up and operate your online ecommerce store.  No need to learn website design, or pay someone to build it for you.

They make it quite simple to do. They provide you with website hosting, the website store theme (Template), the payment processing system so you can accept PayPal®, Stripe®, credit cards, and even have their own payment gateway (accept credit cards through their system).

If that wasn’t enough it only cost $29 per month to start and $29 per month for everything, including complete user-friendly online video training. The only additional thing you will need is products to sell

Here are the benefits of joining Walmart’s® FREE Affiliate program

  • They provide and ship all products to the buyer
  • They collect all the money
  • You can sell specific product lines to certain niches, or sell their entire product line
  • It cost you nothing to join. All you’ll need is your Shopify® ecommerce store and your FREE Walmart® Affiliate Membership

CLICK HERE for information on becoming a Walmart Affiliate

What are you waiting for?

Where else can you set up a complete business for on $29 per month (1st 2 weeks are FREE), and have the support of the largest department store in the world providing ALL the products, shipping, and payment collections? Really, it’s not going to get any easier than this.

CLICK HERE for information on getting your own Shopify® ecommerce Store

If you are interested in additional information as outlined in this article, need assistance in applying this information, or just want more resources, contact us for FREE (no obligation) and we will do our best to accommodate you.