You get both courses – the residential property tax course and the commercial property tax course for just one single investment

Both courses for only $179.

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Both courses for only $179.

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commercial businesses to correct egregious over-assessed properties and tax over-payments due to clumsy government assessments.

    Help others not to over-pay, just pay the proper property tax assessment that they should be charged. Your future clients are being squeezed enough, they should NOT overpay! Experts tell us that over-assessed property excesses range from 40% to 60%.

     You will be able to give near-certainty guidance to clients in order to pay exactly what they should be charged, NOT OVER-PAY! It’s step-by-step and you are encouraged to take on cases from the very beginning so you’ll earn as you apply those specific adjustments to a particular client.

Evaluate the Residential and Commercial Property Tax Reduction Business and Earn Fees with Your First Client

Package #1
Pre-written, ready to use in PRESENTATION FORMAT for every property tax appeal 

Extremely Useful Free house appraisal and property tax appeal forms. The forms are PDF downloadable and provide a generic template to organize your information in an acceptable format so you can present your evidence in good style. It is similar to that used by licensed real estate appraisers.  You’ll be given the password to access this information shortly after your order.

Package #2
All the pre-written forms, letters, customer contracts you’ll
ever need to do business 

Invaluable Sample Fee Agreement Forms, Fill In Fee Agreement Form, Sample Advisor/Agency Authorization Form, Fill In Advisor/Agency Authorization Forms, Residential Solicitation Letters, Signed Contract Transmittal Letters, Thank You For Choosing Our Company Letters, We Have Filed Your Appeal Letters, Invoice Form For Services Rendered, Enclosed Is Your Invoice Letters, Past Due Notice Letters.

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Package #3
Property Tax Consultant Insiders Marketing Plan

Invaluable This is the ins and outs for making this business work. All the methods, advice, and tactics you’ll need to fast-track this business. You learn how to set up your business and learn how to go about marketing your business to a huge population of potential clients.

Package #4
FREE Updates for life

Invaluable  Keep yourself updated with the latest research and property tax appeal advice for life.

Package #5
FREE Persuasion Tactics & Persuasive Sales copy Ebook 110 Pages

Useful You can get your hands on all of this value, the product itself, the guarantee that you’ll be ecstatic with the result, and my personal assurance of help with your business if you need it, plus if things don’t work out, the risk is all mine. How much are we talking here?

Not $500, not $300, not even $200, but included with our product, you can get your hands on the whole package. Just think what having the same insider info and expertise could do for you. (click business tactics, persuasive for more detailed information)

Package #6
FREE Persuasion Sales Letters & Copyrighting Course 136 Pages 

Useful The Power Of Words Can Make You Rich. If you can’t persuade people to buy your products, you’re going nowhere. Ever think that maybe that missing piece is knowing how to write persuasive copy to your customers? Could the only thing standing between you and a much larger success be just good marketing copy?

Gain Unlimited Clients – Earn  Great Fees!

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Become a Local Business Marketing Consultant

Start your own consulting business. This course covers the COMPLETE PROCESS.

What is Local Lead Plan?

Only $79 Now $19

One time fee, no subscription or re-billing. All future updates included.

Please CLICK HERE watch the video for exact details about the course.

Start your own consulting business. This course covers the COMPLETE PROCESS.

Local Lead Plan is the first comprehensive guide to local lead generation and local affiliate marketing. A complete training plan including top niches, landing page templates, traffic sources, sample contracts, invoices, sales proposals, Pay Per Call, lead handling, tracking, optimization, and more.

What is included?
After ordering you will immediately receive a secure download link to a zip file with 5 included files:

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  • The main guide which is a 23,000 word, 116 page PDF
  • A sample contract/local lead gen agreement
  • A sample sales proposal
  • A sample invoice
  • Local negative keyword list
  • Lifetime access to private member’s forum

What topics are covered?

Chapter 1 Why local lead generation

Chapter 2 Finding customers

Chapter 3 The pitch and first proposal

Chapter 4 They are interested, now what?

Chapter 5 Pricing leads

Chapter 6 Website decisions

Chapter 7 Handling leads – Web

Chapter 8 Phone leads – Pay per call

Chapter 9 Tracking payments and billing your client

Chapter 10 Local Lead Generation agreement

Chapter 11 Landing page design and optimization

Chapter 12 How to run an effective trial

Chapter 13 Traffic sources for local lead generation

Chapter 14 Campaign building by traffic source

Chapter 15 Local Search online advertising

Chapter 16 Offline opportunities

Chapter 17 Potential problems

Chapter 18 Scaling local lead gen

Appendix (Including PPC guides and all links)

Why is this NOT a typical ebook?

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  • The guide contains no affiliate links, not one.
  • It’s not a get rich quick scheme. It requires work on your part to implement the strategies in the book.
  • I’m not selling hopes, dreams, or lifestyles. Just a solid business plan for success.
  • The price is not low for a limited time, then going up. It will stay an affordable $79.
  • Supplies aren’t limited (it’s a digital product), you can buy it now or in 6 months.
  • It’s just a straight-up product, simple as that. No magic or secrets or sales hype. I tell you exactly what the course is about in the video and you can decide if its right for you. These are the exact techniques and strategies I have used over the years to build a successful local lead generation business, and I know it can help you do the same!

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