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Start a Shopify Business with Absolutely No Experience
by STC Staff Writer

As an entrepreneur, I know how hard it is to begin your career. That is why I find solutions to your problems as you are starting out. 

Since all of us need easier ways to start a business, I will talk about Shopify, as it is very powerful and easy to use. Investors and small business owners alike are attracted to the Shopify platform as it makes their lives a whole lot easier than most of the other platforms.

To get more people on board and engaged with Shopify, they hold a contest every year and give the winner a cash prize. Sometimes it can be about $100,000. Remember there are many ways to get your customers engaged, and holding a contest is one of them.

That is what Shopify does to increase the excitement of starting a new business and why don’t you consider holding contests for your customers too?

Since the beginning of the International Super Highway (Internet), when more than one household began using the Net, there have been shopping platforms for business people to use to exchange goods for money.

Shopify is one of the earliest known platforms beginning in 2004 and is a major solution in the market today. It is an easy way to build trust and get people to buy from you.

The main purpose behind it was to make setting up and running a store simpler and faster, so this became one of the earliest solutions, which helped business owners create their stores in a shorter amount of time.

According to developer Tobias Lutke, “Shopify makes it possible to do in approximately 20 minutes. In times past it usually took months to launch a new product.

This innovative, and user-friendly ecommerce platform has become the number one favorite for everyone from newbies to experts alike.

Shopify Developers Differentiated the Company from others

Shopify is a store platform which comes with a very LOW monthly subscription fee. You may or may not know anything about computer or website programming, but the platform they use is called Ruby on Rails instead of the common PHP language.

Shopify uses a unique programming language, and the Shopify team provides considerable and timely support to their clients.

This already makes it quite unique over most of its competitors, who often leave you hanging, trying to figure things out for yourself which can be a frustrating proposition indeed.

WooCommerce is a free excellent platform too. BUT, its learning curve is steep, and in time when your product list grows, you can expect to start paying some premium fees too.

If you want to save considerable time, have a streamlined, user-friendly and efficient platform, then Shopify’s small monthly subscription fee is more than a good deal. Like the phrase used in the “Godfather” film, “It’s an offer you can’t refuse.

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And as I just mentioned, the tech-support is its most valuable asset, second to none.

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