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For Week THREE,
Monday, December 2018


STC SCAM ALERT – Update your Facebook Account ASAP!
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Facebook (FB) scammers are targeting personal accounts stealing your FB friends list, sending them messages IN YOUR NAME! FB admits their billion+ personal user pages are easily hacked by scammers.

The Problem

The problem is the result of using your DEFAULT SECURITY SETTING. You will need to make a simple quick change to better secure your page from scammers. The messages sent to your FB list in your name, are primarily scams offering free money, bogus income opportunities, or some tricky scheme to acquire personal login information for other accounts.

A scammer may clone your FB page, and you won’t even know it unless one of your followers notifies you of the counterfeit page. Usually, they will block you from seeing their page. If they do you will see this message when you try to access their page:

If this happens you can only access their fake page through someone else’s account, or set up a new temp FB page so you can gain access.

There seems to be no end to their illegal creativity. But protect yourself. It’s difficult to believe, that FB is doing little to protect their clients.  I’ve learned FB doesn’t police or enforce this abuse, and they state that your picture is Public Domain on their site, meaning anyone can copy and use your picture. As they wish.

I feel that FBs apathy towards their users being abused is going to eventually be their demise relative to business members. There is such an overwhelming amount of scam activity on FB, and since there’s no support from them to handle this problem, they’ve pretty much outlived their usefulness for us.

Once you report the fake site, FB will block it from further use, but the damage is already done, and the abusers can just make new fake sites cloning other members with no real repercussions from FB.

The Simple FIX

You can eliminate the need to track down your abusers if you make this quick fix now BEFORE a scammer hacks your page. You need to do more than just setting your Security Settings to the Maximum. Additionally, you need to do the following to block highjackers.

This was supposed to be a video, but my software crashed and I need to get a fresh copy. I wanted to get this up now because many people are having this problem. Please email me if something here isn’t clear and I will correct it.

You don’t want anyone but YOU to see your Friends or followers.

  1. Click on your tiny picture near the top right of your page.
  2. Under your large header image Click on FRIENDS
  3. CLICK on the tiny pencil next to “Find Friends” (See arrow below)
  4. Edit Privacy window will popup- CLICK on “Edit Privacy”
  5. This next window will popup – CLICK ON the Down Arrow

It will say Public if you can see your Friends listed on your FB page.

6. After clicking on the down arrow, you’ll see a small pop-down window (see picture below) Click on “Only Me”

  1. CLICK on “Only Me” – Do this same move for BOTH “Friend List” and “Following
  2. CLICK on “Done” in the bottom right corner of the window after making both changes.

No one will be able to see your friends list or the list of your Followers. They don’t need to and scammers can’t steal your list if they can’t see them.  If your FB page has already been high jacked, you will still need to perform these steps AND the steps outlined ABOVE to get the scammer’s site deleted.

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