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“Driven By” Or “Just Driven?”- That is the Question!
by STC Staff Writer

“Drive thy business or it will drive thee”

This is a wise quote by statesman Benjamin Franklin in Poor Richard’s Almanac. Every great business started in the heart of a hopeful individual and then at the meeting table of important people, be they a husband and wife at the dinner table or a group of business people at a bar with cocktails.

Eventually, the idea blossomed into a genuine business, usually in a small office in the back of a home and eventually into a separate building in the heart of a business district. The successful business, though, first began as a successful home business. Those who created made it successful with a few basic skills.

First and foremost

Hard work characterizes the successful home businessperson. Just because an individual now works from home does not mean she has the right to sleep in until noon. The most successful home businesses owners distinguish themselves with their work ethic and discipline. An old proverb states, “Take hold on discipline. Do not let go, for it itself is your life.”

The “Discipline Trait”

They wake up early and maintain a strict schedule of opening their “office” at a specific time and even closing it at a specific time. The discipline that characterizes a successful business also characterizes the successful home business.

A strong desire for success can also characterize the successful home business owner

The driven individual has a greater chance of success operating a home-based business because his desire to succeed will lead him to basically do whatever he must to make his business succeed. This is the essence of discipline.

His desire comes from the drive to simply succeed at whatever he does and prove to the world that he can make this business venture work.

Furthermore, believing in one’s product can help the entrepreneur to maintain the drive to make the business work. Many owners maintain the belief they will contribute something great to the world, which can be a strong motivator too.

This drive or desire can lead to the willingness to make sacrifices in order to make the home business a success. Many individuals are willing to sacrifice time and finances to accomplish their business goals.

Some are willing to empty their savings account because of their desire to succeed, and belief in their home business idea, while others work tirelessly, long hours with little rest giving up previous recreational pursuits for the sake of achieving business success.

They may see a glorious picture at the end of the hard road they are travel, the proverbial “Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” and they thus willing to make necessary sacrifices to reach that glorious end.

Prudence pairs itself with desire, and sacrifice in the heart of a successful home business owner. This aspiring entrepreneur understands that in order to become wise, he must listen to wise people and do what wise and successful people do.

This means growing his business slowly. Another proverb from antiquity states, “He that is walking with wise persons will become wise. He that is walking with stupid ones will fare badly.” Isn’t this just common sense in action?

Businesses which grow too fast often crumble because they lack that solid foundation that only the business owner can build. A successful home business should grow at a steady rate.

The term here is “Controlled growth.” The business owner should strive to make wise business decisions every day and stick with whatever short term and long term growth plan he has established.

For example, experienced professional internet marketers have developed a business strategy, utilizing specific tactics to reach their goals, always tracking their progress through website analytics.

Your web hosting company should make these available to you, or the opportunity to utilize “Google Analytics,” to trach you ongoing sales progress. ANy business, even a small home company needs to track their sales and related statistics.

Ultimately, the home business owner is the key factor in determining the success of their company. Their desire, willingness to learn, sacrifice, exercise discipline, and even acquire wisdom will either help them to grow a successful business or any weakness in this chain, might hinder them from succeeding.

They must establish disciplined habits early on and keep their “eye on the prize,” and in the end, they may find themselves satisfied owners of their successful company.

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