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The fully accessible guide to starting a business as a disabled entrepreneur

Lack of funding can lead to unique challenges for disabled business owners


In 2017 the United States Congress quietly made the move to decrease provisions that enable the Small Business Administration (SBA) to make special loans to entrepreneurs, including individuals with disabilities.

In addition, the SBA has stopped processing new loan approvals since Dec. 22 due to the government shutdown, affecting many small business owners throughout the U.S.

Though there are still several reasonable financing options available to those with disabilities, many in the community are affected by this news, especially considering the unique need of many handicap people to start their own businesses.

According to the most recent estimates, roughly 20% of Americans have at least one disability. But while some disabilities can make it difficult to complete certain tasks, many people with disabilities have still been able to accomplish remarkable things.

Disabled people are a significant portion of the American workforce and many have gone on to start small businesses of their own.

Even if you currently have a low credit score as a consequence of lost income, starting a business of your own may be much more doable than you’d initially assume. In terms of possible wealth, life satisfaction, and career development, small business ownership can be incredibly rewarding.

Successfully running a business will require hard work, market awareness, and adequate sources of funding. In this article, we will provide useful resources and tips for starting a small business as a disabled entrepreneur and the first steps you can take to actually get there.

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