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10-Day Marketing to Seniors PART 6 of 10

Tips for marketing to grandparents
By STC Staff Writer

When marketing to grandparents, the best thing you can do is focus on what grandparents like – their grandchildren. And, grandparents love spoiling their grandchildren more than doing almost anything else in life.

* Understand Their Point of View – Grandparents are very perceptive and have seen it and heard it all in their lives. They’re not as trusting about information as their younger counterparts and need more proof that a claim is real. They’re very sensitive to false information designed to sway them. Therefore, try to filter all information through your audience’s point of view.

* They’re More Mellow – Most people naturally become more mellow with age and this is especially true of grandparents who get to spend time with their grandchildren. Parents the world over will try to convince their children that grandma and grandpa were strict when they grew up, but the children just can’t see it because the grandparents’ life experiences have made them more mellow and less judgmental.

* They’re More Spontaneous – Grandparents feel a sense of awe when they’re with their grandchildren. They appreciate more than parents how fast childhood goes by. So, when their grandkids want to run around outside and blow bubbles, grandparents are ready to do it because they know for sure that this is more important than going to bed at a certain time or sweeping the floor.

* They’re More Outwardly Focused – In their youth many grandparents were just like other youthful people and very self-centered. But, now that they’ve crossed the hill and are on the other side, they realize how important it is to leave behind a better world than they had to their children and grandkids.

* They Spend a Lot on Grandkids – Grandparents spend more than 50 billion a year on their grandchildren. When you put that into perspective and your audience is grandparents, if you can frame any purchase with how it helps grandchildren, you’ll be able to persuade them to buy faster.

* They’re Not All Seniors – One thing to remember is that grandparents come in many ages. There are 40-year-old grandparents and 70-year-old grandparents. Therefore, when you focus on marketing to grandparents, you shouldn’t always assume the gray-haired older lady in a bun as the image of grandma.

* Many Industries Can Market to Grandparents – Whether you’re in the toy sector or the financial sector, there are many industries that can and should market specifically to grandparents. Think toys, travel, consumer goods, financial services, automotive, sports, apparel, entertainment and more.

* Know the Right Marketing Channels to Use – Today grandparents use a lot of different platforms so you can safely market to grandparents using email, blogging, video, digital magazines, and other content. These all work well, and so does television, radio, print magazines, and offline marketing.

* Grandparents Are More Deal Focused – Grandparents aren’t as brand loyal as some markets. This is because they have lived a lifetime and know that often less expensive versions offer the same quality. So if you focus on providing quality to them, it makes a huge difference. Speak directly to them as grandparents.

* Customize Your Ads – When marketing directly to grandparents, it’s imperative that you customize and direct your ads and messages to them and not just change the images and use the same copy. Be very specific about who you’re targeting.

When marketing to grandparents, remember that they’re not all seniors. Many grandparents are young and even youthful. Market to them based on their standing as grandparents using the values your audience cares most about, and you’ll be successful.

Next time, we’re going to give some tips on how to market to wealthy seniors.

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