The Maverick Entrepreneur™ Series

10-Day Marketing to Seniors PART 8 of 10

Tips for marketing to new retirees
by STC Staff Writer

New retirees are largely an untapped market. Most people focus their marketing on younger people and forget about retirees. But every single day about 10,000 people join the ranks of retirees. If you really want to unlock the potential of this market, consider the following tips.

* Focus on Value – What value do you bring to the table for your audience? Find ways to show your audience that value through the content and information that you provide. Share your personal story with them, so that they know you have their best interest at heart.

* Study Your Market – There are subgroups within the retiree market, so it’s important to know which group you’re marketing to. Is your retiree on a fixed income, do they have money to spare, are they in a senior living community, or something else? Understanding the exact niche your market fills is imperative for messaging.

* Identify Your Segment – Your segment isn’t “all new retirees”. As mentioned above, you need to niche down that market to identify the exact subgroup or niche that the retirees you want to get your message to belong to.

* Create Your Message – Based on the information you discover, focus your message on the value you bring to the table, and the benefits of your product or service. Then work on crafting the message toward your niche audience in a way that they understand, in many formats.

* Polish Your Message – It’s not enough to focus only on your value. You also need to know how to message directly to the specific group you’re targeting. Sure, it’s retirees. But as mentioned above, which group does your audience belong in and how can you best approach them with your information?

* Test Your Messages – The only way to know if you’re doing the right thing is to test each message that you send. Survey your audience, watch social media discussions, conduct interviews of happy customers and even angry customers so that you can improve your message even more.

* Keep Going – As you perfect your message, you’ll start to see results. Now is the time that you want to maintain consistency and build rapport with your audience, in such a way that you can build relationships that last long enough for them to trust you enough to spend money with you.

Remember, with this niche you can literally own the market since most seniors don’t feel as if the market is reaching them in a manner sufficient for them. As long as you can offer value to your audience in a manner that provides the benefits that they need, you’ll be a winner.

Whilst seniors are a lot more tech-savvy these days, there are still some who never use computers. We’ll look at how to market to this group next time.

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