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10-Day Marketing to Seniors PART 4 of 10

Tips for marketing to senior men
Dedicated to Sanny Waype
by STC Staff Writer

In this article, we’ll cover some important methods to utilize when marketing to Senior Men.  They are an intelligent breed and require facts targeted to their specific needs as men. It’s our job to satisfy those requirements.

The first thing you need to do is study your audience so that you know what they spend their time doing. What are their hopes and dreams? It’s important to realize they are reading your work because they still have a strong desire to learn new things.

Many apply themselves to keep up with the latest and greatest new technologies. And their interest is as broad as anyone else. So don’t underestimate them and their desires.

Contrary to some misguided beliefs, seniors aren’t finished having dreams. In fact, many of them are just starting to live life to fulfill their goals.

Plus, despite the news media’s dim view of seniors, they’re the ones with the money to spend, especially extra discretionary income to purchase things they couldn’t afford when they were younger, like those raising their kids, building college funds, and paying off hospital bills.

Tips to help you target your Senior Men readers:

* Study Your Audience – While you can use statistics about seniors to help you with your marketing, the best course of action is to study your own audience.

* Know Their Fears – What does your audience fear the most? What will make them feel as if they’re missing out on something? How can you address and alleviate their fears?

* Know Their Dreams – As you study your audience, narrow everyone down until you know what most of your audience dreams about.

* Know Where They Hang Out – A great way to find out about your audience is to find out where they’re hanging out and then hang out there too. Be a fly on the wall at first to learn about them, then join in.

* Be Seen Where They Are – A great way to gain credibility with your audience is to hang out where they hang out. Whether it’s the gym, church, the race track or the bingo hall doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are where they are.

* Use the Right Images – Don’t condescend to your senior male audience by putting up the wrong type of images based on a stereotype. Seniors don’t like being played and are a lot smarter than that.

* Provide a Lot of Information – Senior men usually like a lot of information about subjects they care about. They like it delivered in many ways including text, images, print, and audio. Back up the information with sources and facts to make it even more impressive.

* Know How You Can Enhance Their Lives – It’s also important to know how you improve their lives and solve their problems enough that you can speak intelligently about why you do it, how you do it, and with whom.

* Use Lots of Testimonials – Senior men (like most of the population) also like proof through testimonials. But, you need to find testimonials from the types of people that they respect, and the only way to know that is to get to know them.

* Give Free or Low-Cost Trials – Senior men love to try things out for themselves before making a commitment. That is one thing you can do easily depending on what you’re offering. You can offer a big discount on those parts you’re selling, or you can offer a free 7-day membership to your site devoted to the topic they love, and so forth.

Marketing to senior men is really the same as marketing to anyone. Get to know who they are, where they are, and what they want. Target your efforts to educate them using content and information marketing that fits where they are in their decision-making process and lives. And again, respect their desires, not underestimating them. There is an old proverbial saying, “Grey-headedness is a crown of beauty when found in the way of righteousness.”

Next time, we’ll look at marketing to senior women in more detail.

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