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Why Can’t I Get A Job?
by Bob “MAVERICK” Stanford

To start this subject, have hope in the fact that most people do have the opportunity for a better life.  Have you had to live a hard life, in the low-income bracket? 

Do you lack higher education, don’t have a high school diploma, are an ex-felon, or are you trapped in a low paying job?  Maybe you started a family ay a very young age, and find it nearly impossible to make a decent living to feed your loved ones.

Well, you sure aren’t alone. A huge number of people in America face these same challenges.  And having to live in an economy that is in a near depression state with rent, food, clothes, and just basic living expenses nearly out of reach for the average person.

The reality for this frustrated populace results in a poverty that becomes an insurmountable trap, which seems nearly impossible to break free from. In the business world racism, prejudices because of one’s past, current low economic or poor educational opportunities can prevent good people from getting a decent job.

Many of these individuals have a strong will trying to better themselves, and their lives, yet no one will give them a break, or opportunity to get good paying gainful employment.


Consider starting your own small home business.  Does that seem out of reach at this time because you just don’t know how to, or lack the necessary resources required?

If you believe in yourself, can read at a 7th-grade level, are highly motivated to improve yourself and start earning a good income, then read on. You may just find the answer you are seeking.

WOW! That’s a powerful statement. But it’s true.  It may seem many people with college degrees are the only ones making good money. But that’s NOT TRUE. Did you know 31% of all business owners don’t have a college degree, and a large amount of them started their business on a shoestring, meaning with little or nearly no money? That’s about 1/3 of ALL BUSINESSES or around 10 million businesses.

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Does this mean a college degree is unimportant? Absolutely not. My point here is you do have the OPPORTUNITY to start your own business WITHOUT ONE if you are willing to learn how to start and operate one

On the job, learning can be equally, or even more effective than spending 4 years and tens of thousands of dollars in college. Also, today, there are different types of universities.

But there are small business courses that can put you ahead of the pack, allowing you to take SPECIFIC LOW-COST courses ONLINE!  Why major in a liberal arts degree, taking a lot of subjects you don’t need. These inexpensive online courses can cost from $10 to $200 depending on their subject matter, their complexity, and your needs. 

Just study the important subjects. Or just buy a highly concentrated business course that can help you start that business from scratch with little or nearly no money. IT CAN BE DONE because I’ve done it more than once.

These online courses are often UPDATED more frequently than Degrees University courses. The Internet is technologically moving at lightning speed, and a college course can be outdated before it becomes available.

It’s not uncommon for have some college professor (many can’t make it in the real business world) evaluate you to determine if you have a real potential for success by giving you an A or F.  I’ll get a lot of flak for this statement because I don’t have a college degree. (I do have nearly two years – a waste and unnecessary expense for me).

A little about me (if you would like to know – Or skip this part, and read below)

The realities of the world forced me to quit college after only a year and a half. I married too young, didn’t have a high school diploma, (did finally get a GED in the military), and had four children I could barely support. 

It took me years to dig myself out of this financial pit, but I finally did so by starting my own business. In time I learned enough about real-world business, that I was invited to speak at a college, and became a Senior Business Consultant to a number of domestic, and international corporate presidents. Even one king and a President of a Latin America country.

My point here? I know what I’m talking about.  Was it easy to advance in my own business? No way. I studied and worked my tail off.  I admit, if I would have had the internet in my younger days (I’m 72 now), I would have advanced at a lightning pace, not taking several years to start earning a good income.

This isn’t about me, but I felt it important to inform you that this article wasn’t written by some desk jockey that never really worked a hard day’s work in his life.

Possible Solutions to Help You Start Your Own Business

I served as the Senior Business Consultant for an accredited online High School for over six years.  Over the last several years I have developed a new Entrepreneurial program that combined home study, business guides (with Check Lists), many videos, AND teaches the student how to start their own business, earning while they are learningThat’s what makes Stanford Trade Center (STC) training unique.

Currently, I am nearing completion of the “Maverick Entrepreneur’s Master Business Course) that will enable anyone that can read, willing to study, and work hard, to start their own business for pennies on the dollar.

Some businesses can be started for just a few hundred dollars, yet can allow you to earn a good income. And we will guide them step-by-step through the entire process.

Have you noticed I’m NOT showing large amounts of money here and stating how easy it is to earn?  Because I don’t know your circumstances, your resources, dedication, where you live, your local competition, or the type of business you want to start and operate.

But I do know, if you receive the RIGHT training, the RIGHT Coaching, with the RIGHT PROGRAM, at a cost you can afford, you will have most of what you need to start that business the right way. 

I promise you I will do my best to teach you the insider ways successful entrepreneurs (A business person willing to take calculated risks in order to earn income) start new businesses with minimal money. AND EARN WHILE YOU LEARN. You can start earning after starting your training in as little as 4 to 8 weeks. Then earn while you continue to learn.

I was forced by my circumstances to use this system. I would start a business after buying a few books, videos, and manuals on a business subject, and as soon as I felt I knew enough to get started.

I tracked down and got to know two world-class business experts, E. Joseph Cossman – Authored “How I made a million in mail order,” and Jim Straw, one of the founding fathers of the mail-order business.  I spent years learning and perfecting their systems for my personal needs.

I would start a new business. Then I worked hard both in operating the business and continuing to study to give me that cutting edge training enabling me to advance to the next business level.

This system is now second nature to me. So I am available to be your coach, guiding you as you earn and learn.  I’ve never seen anyone really teach this system online combining learning with ongoing business coaching to enable a student to start making money fast while they learn. 

Stanford Trade Center (STC), offers a considerable amount of FREE and Low-Cost training courses, and especially specific small business step-by-step start-up-manuals, all written in everyday, easy to understand language. This training is real world, down to earth, not designed for academics, but actual aspiring entrepreneurs.

As I stated earlier, you can start with taking a few specific, LOW COST, online basic business courses through our partner, 24-7-university offering MANY FREE courses, and many under $20.  STC’s Specific low-cost business courses are offered here and here.

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